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🌞🔋 Exciting Solar Panel and Battery Storage Installation in Lincolnshire! 🔋🌞

Check out the recent installation of 12 x Longi 400W Black Mono Solar Panels and a 5.7 kW battery storage system at our annex property in Lincolnshire! We're proud to showcase this stunning setup that combines renewable energy and innovative technology.

✅ 12 X Longi 400W Black Mono Solar Panels: These high-performance panels not only generate ample energy but also add an elegant touch to the property.

✅ 6KW SOLAX WIFI Hybrid Inverter with a

5.7 kW Tripple Power Battery Storage: Enjoy the freedom of storing excess solar energy and using it whenever you need it, even during cloudy days or at night.

✅ My Energy My Eddie and Sunamp Thermino : By incorporating the My Energy Eddie energy diverter, we seamlessly redirect surplus solar power to the Sunamp Thermino instant water boiler, providing you with hot water powered by the sun.

From design to DNO application, commissioning, and handover, we handled every aspect of this project. Our expertise ensures a hassle-free installation and a customized energy solution tailored to your needs.

Experience the benefits:

✅ Lower energy bills ✅ Reduced carbon footprint ✅ Energy independence ✅ Increased property value

Ready to upgrade your home or business with solar panels and battery storage? Contact us today at [Phone Number] to discuss your energy needs and explore a personalized solution.

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